Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Great Welsh Escapes is a UK registered company that wholly owns and operates the website Great Welsh This privacy policy refers to your use of the Great Welsh Escapes website and the information that we may collect from you as you do so. we act as a data controller over the information that we collect from you as you use the site, meaning that we are responsible for looking after it. Later on we will refer to data processors. These are businesses that we use to help us to fulfil our promise to you.

The Great Welsh Escapes website has been designed for use by those aged over 18 years old. Those under 18 should seek permission from a parent or guardian before using.

Privacy policy updated: 13th June 2019

Why Do We Collect Data on Our Users?

As our users move through the site we track information on searches made, links clicked and the duration of time spent on each page. This information is collated and then used to help us to improve the user experience. It is through this data collection that we create filters that make navigating the site simple, build pages that feel intuitive to use and understand what it is that our users love.

What Data Do We Collect

We collect information about the devices that our users utilise to view our site. We collect information about our users? IP address, operating system, screen resolution and referring website.

Alongside this, we collect information about the actions that our users take on our website. We store data on clicks, user journeys and the duration of time spent on each page.

We use Google Analytics to collect data on the demographics of our users. This data is anonymised and not personally identifiable. It helps us to understand our audience and how it breaks down by age, gender and interests. You can opt out of this kind of data being collected using the cookie pop ups available on each page or via on our cookie page.

How Long Do We Store Your Data For?

The length of time that data is stored for varies between the types of cookie.

Who Do We Share Your Data With?

Here at Great Welsh Escapes we work with a number of partners to improve the experience that we can provide you (our users) with. These partners act as data processors, enabling us to run our website smoothly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics also provides site usage data. In addition to this, it helps us to understand the demographic of our users so that we can provide content and deals that are relevant to them. Google uses a variety of methods to gather this data, for example when you sign up with a Google account, or also by some educated guesses based on your browsing history. They also enable us to recognise trends in page’s popularity which stops us from becoming out of date.


Great Welsh Escapes aims to be open and clear about the use of cookies on our website.

We use cookies to recognise users and devices using the Great Welsh Escapes website. These cookies contain an anonymised email address.

If you do not have cookies enabled on your web browser you may find that some sections of Great Welsh Escapes do not work as well as they should. For example our search tools rely on cookies to ensure we return users’ individual search results.

Great Welsh Escapes also uses cookies to analyse our users’ behaviour on our site so that we can continue to improve the website experience.

Some cookies are permanently stored by your browser, whilst others are deleted as soon as you leave the site.

Our third parties use cookies to serve up adverts that are most relevant to you, but only store anonymised data in the cookies they use.

If you’re worried about cookies you can choose to clear your browser’s cookies history or even to disable cookies entirely. Alternatively, you can control which cookies we store on you in the cookie pop ups which appear when you use our site.

If you have any questions about our cookie policy please email: 

Company Registration Number - 11990249
VAT Registration Number - GB 398 6714 32

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