Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

It is Great Welsh Escapes intention to be open and clear about the way our website uses cookies. Here we will outline the cookies that we have on our site, and give you control over which cookies you would like us to store on you.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are little snippets of data which are stored by your web browser and which websites use to identify their users. Cookies may be used to match a user’s activity on site with their email address (but in an anonymised form) and they allow websites to recognise the device (computer, mobile or tablet) and browser that you are using.

By enabling cookies websites can learn useful things about their users like which Internet browser they’re on, whether they are a regular user of a website and how long users stay on their site.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Great Welsh Escapes uses cookies for an array of reasons, they really are helpful to us!

Essential Cookies

There are cookies which are essential in providing the results that you are looking for when you do a search. These are the cookies that you can’t switch off in the cookie pop ups. However, these cookies do not hold personal information on you.

If you’d like to turn off all cookies you can always use an ad blocker but be aware that the functionality of the website may be impacted.

Performance Enhancing Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about how users navigate through our site so that we can keep improving The Great Welsh Escapes experience. These cookies track things like what you’re searching for and whether we’re providing it quickly and accurately. They also tell us how you’re accessing Great Welsh Escapes (eg via your mobile, tablet or computer) so we can make sure our pages display properly.

Some cookies we store for longer periods so we can see if you keep coming back to us; it suggests we must be doing something right.

We also use cookies to identify users who are signed up to our newsletter – we won’t ask these users whether they’d like to sign up again, therefore providing a more seamless experience.

Third Party Cookies

Some of the cookies on Great Welsh Escapes are used by third parties. That means the cookies are associated with a domain that is separate too Great Welsh

We also recognise cookies from third-party social media applications like facebook and twitter to save you the hassle of signing in again.

Here is an outline and brief description of some of the major companies we work with:


Google place some cookies on our site to help to serve up ads that are more relevant to the user and others to give us an idea of the demographic of our audience. They don’t store any personally identifiable information but instead look at searches, pages viewed and whether or not you click through to another site.


Facebook’s cookies on our site allow them to serve our users with more relevant ads. They track information such as the destination that you are looking at.

They assign users with a unique ID but this is not connected to any further personal information.

Clearing Out the Cookie Jar

We understand you might like to be tidy and sort out or delete your cookies from time to time. This is easy to do in all the major browsers.

Using Chrome? Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings and you will find all the cookie information at the top of the page, including how to delete cookies that are currently on your computer

Using Firefox? Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select Use Custom Settings For History to choose how cookies are stored on your computer.

Using Internet Explorer? Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and use the slider to control how many cookies you will allow.

More information and instructions for other browsers is available all over the web, such as

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